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Letter from THE Chairman

Gurudev Vidyavachaspati Shankar Abhyankar

Education is a grand confluence of integral knowledge and science technology. Without knowledge, science is blind and without science and technology, knowledge is lame. Let us harness them together to make this world conducive for unity of mankind.
Higher education is not merely theoretical. It provides practical solutions to problems encompassing human life. It inculcates the spirit of integrity, pure character, self-reliance and patriotism, philanthropic actions - thus upholding and putting fundamental humane values into practice.

At Tirupati Institutes, we continuously strive to carve out great managers and more importantly, greater human beings.
Gurudev Shankar Abhyankar | Tirupati Institute Chairman
Gurudev Vidyavachaspati  Shankar Abhyankar

Director's Message

Dear Students, with immense pleasure, I welcome you to Tirupati Institute of Management which is in the lap of and in perfect harmony with nature. Here, we not only impart knowledge to the youth but also help them to grow into a multifaceted, all-round and polished personality.

In this endeavor of ours in imparting in-depth and vivid knowledge to our students, we understand that a radical transformation in the education system is taking place and it should reflect in our teaching faculty and infrastructure. In light of this we boast of a team of passionate and highly qualified staff and an equally devoted support staff as also well-equipped labs, sufficient class rooms, seminar halls, a well-stocked library, etc.

Here at Tirupati Institute of Management, we believe in our values and motivate ours students to have an open mind to go with a healthy body. All-round growth of every student in the most effective manner is prioritized by us.

We sincerely hope that Tirupati Institute of Management will make a very fruitful contribution towards the shaping up of the future generation. Our nation is in dire need of personnel of high quality and excellent caliber with a positive mindset and we thrive to accomplish the same in our own unique way.

We are very sure that the adventure trips, industrial visits, Mock Parliament, Mock Stock Exchange, "Braintainment" events and other interesting activities carried out hand in hand with regular academic sessions, make an unforgettable and enriching memory which our students cherish for years to come while they get placed at good positions or undertake entrepreneurship upon successful completion of their courses, may it be MBA or MCA, at Tirupati Institute of Management.
Jitendra Abhyankar | Tirupati Institute Director

CA Jitendra Abhyankar

(M. Com., FCA)

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If you don't act, you never get. If you don't get, you never advance. If you don't advance, you never grow. So, the growth begins by taking an action.
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DTE Code of the institute is: 6119 PIBM TIRUPATI Institute of Management
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