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Welcome to our Alumni Page, where success stories are written, and futures are shaped. At Tirupati Institutes, we take immense pride in our legacy of producing exceptional talent that has found its way into renowned companies like TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, and many more. Our alumni are the embodiment of our commitment to excellence in education and the gateway to a world of possibilities. On this page, we celebrate the achievements and journeys of our past students, showcasing their triumphs as they continue to make us proud. Join us in commemorating these remarkable individuals and the indelible mark they've left on the professional landscape.
Vaishnavi More, the alumni of Tirupati Institutes, placed at TCS

Vaishanvi More

"Tirupati Institutes paved my path to TCS. Grateful for the skills and guidance!"
Ravikant Guddar, the alumni of Tirupati Institutes, placed at Infosys

Ravikant Guddar

"Tirupati Institutes made Infosys my home. Lifelong friendships and knowledge gained."
Lalit Khilare, the alumni of Tirupati Institutes, placed at Alltech

Lalit Khillare

"Tirupati Institutes: Where potential meets opportunity. Proud to be part of this family."

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"From campus to corporate, Tirupati Institutes transformed my dreams into reality."
Sachin Pawar, the alumni of Tirupati Institutes, placed at Tech Mahindra

Sachin Pawar

Tech Mahindra
"Tirupati Institutes, the launchpad to my career at Sydmech Mecatronics. Forever grateful!"
Nutan Shilimkar, the alumni of Tirupati Institutes, placed at Sydmech Mecatronics

Nutan Shilimakar

Sydmech Mecatronics

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